Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Doesn't John Harvey have a blog?

John Harvey answered all my questions in less that 200 words in a comment on WB's blog. I get a similarly warm and fuzzy feeling from Ken Fosters emails on bikeposse. They are the only two people I have ever heard talk about local trails that seemed to have a balanced view, knew what they were talking about and had talked to local officials about said issues.

This is 2009 isn't it? We'll probably be clearing trails with light sabers in a couple of years so why not use some of this new fangled technology to disseminate some info? FOTL tried to create a forum for discussion on their website but it didn't work. Tallahassee is too small. Blogs are great because first you have to post and discussion can happen around the post.

We have leaders, real leaders, amongst us who are working on these issues without ego or ulterior motive. It's time to follow. If you want to be a leader then learn from them for a few years and and take their place. But you gotta pay your dues first if you want me to follow you.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

I think the key to EVERYTHING is the ride. As you so aptly said, the ride is the place we get to know one another(sometimes too much).
I think goal one should be a weekly ride at a fixed location that doesn't change. Every week riders can come and talk to one another about the thing we are trying to protect while doing the thing we love. NO ONE wants to sit in a room and listen to babble.
It would also facilitate the oportunity to bring in newbies, oldbies and everything in between. It's free and it would be fun. The officers could take turns making sure one (at least) was on the ride.
I suggest Monday nights at Tom Brown. Some weeks it will be a lot of people, some nights it will be two people (like Joe's Loop). It's a good place to start.
It's about the bike.

Paul McManus said...

I think HG tried this. I think FOTL tried this to. I think HG still rides tuesday nights. Follow, don't lead.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to like any of the "old school" hard cores?

Just look at past attempts. A bunch show up excited about a new trail/crew/ride. They realize who they have to work with and put up with to get trails built. They don't come back.
Sound familiar?

Always been chiefs.
Never has been any Indians.

BIGWORM said...

Yo Anonymous,

Anonymous said...

What kind of freakin wimp posts as anonymous?

juancho said...

It is all so distressing it makes me want to run off to Africa or something. Is there singletrack in Mali?