Thursday, December 18, 2008

100% more

Time is soooo short. Looks like I will have to work right up to the 24th due to customs in Jax holding up our accent tile. I knew I should have ordered the non-cocaine laced grout.

On the more exciting news front though is this: Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned an organization called ZamBikes? Well I sent them an email to say hi, and that I'd like to see them when I'm in Zambia. Dustin Mcbride, one of the founders, emailed me back to say he'd welcome the visit and - here's the coolest part - Daryl Funk and Craig Calfee are gonna be there around that same time. Daryl is working on a trailer to go with his Eco-Truck bike design and Craig is starting a bamboo bike project there. How cool is that!

So here is another plug for you check these guys out. Owning a bike can increase the income of your average Zambian by 100% or more. It can help a rural doctor or nurse visit 3 times as many patients. They make a really big impact. And they don't cost that much.

The real nice thing abotu Zambikes though is that they do not give the bikes away. They have a microfinance program set up so that they can be purchased. And they are training mechanics and working towards training Zambians to build bikes. It's the beggining of an industry, which is what Zambia needs. Who knows, maybe my next road bike will be bamboo.

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