Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please stop confusing the issue

If you hire an expert to do something, let him do it.

For years and years mtb trails in tally were built and maintained by local greats like John Harvey and Ken Foster and Kent Whittington. (stop your smirking, and choke down that 180, yes I said Kent Whittington. Revolutions definitely did their part back in the day)

These guys and others built great trails, trails we still ride. Without committee, without approval of the masses and without much help. Do you think they could have accomplished their task if they had to listen to 20 or 30 MTBers tell them how to do it? NO. Let me repeat that, NO.

Shut up and let Chuck and Woody and one or two locals who know their shit build some damn trail. When they are done say "Thanks" and go ride.


Anonymous said...

agree, many trails near my home suffer from the medlers. keep simple be simple. go ride. be thank.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I can only assume this was directed at me, per our conversation Sunday. I can assure you, I have no intent of mucking with Woody or Chuck. I just want a little section of expert trial.
I dig the band, I'm just requesting a tune.

BIGWORM said...

That may be a little oversimplified, Pauly. We live in a community that has been trying for a while to get a fledgling bike club off the ground. A club designed to organize and mediate trail user input, be it in the form of opinion, growth of the trail user base, or volunteer hours. "Get involved, if you don't like the way trails are headed.", they say. So Wrecking Ball's involved. He's even on the club's steering committee, voted there by his peers. If he shouldn't speak up, who should?

I completely have your back on the "too many chiefs, not enough indians" theory. Let's just make sure we hire the right chief to guide the indians.

Mingo said...

We do need to hear the voices. We do need the help. Sometimes we need to be left alone.

Paul McManus said...

Terry! More like inspired by our conversation than directed at you bro. I've always gotten more info a good discussion out of a ride than a meeting. On a ride if want to shut someone up all you have to do is pick up the pace!