Monday, December 15, 2008

More Bro picks

Buy on a down swing. That's the latest gem from my brother. I wish I had listened to that advice three weeks ago. I reinvested about 1/2 of my retirement account and the next day the DJIA drops 5%. The market is so volitile right now, if your gonna buy, buy on a down day, it almost guarantees a short term return on your money, which feels a hell of a lot better than a short term loss.

He also reccommends CX. It's all about infrastructure. Look at AA's P/E ratio vs their projected growth in EPS - it's sick how undervalued it is, imho. How about other stocks related to the stimulus plan? These Guys have been tracking them for a few months. Let me know if you find an electric grid stock you really like.


RickySilk said...

thanks. I got out of the TWER and got into the CX. That TWER tore the ass out of me.

Mingo said...

Ya, whatever.