Thursday, January 1, 2009

Poplar Tent

Charlotte area trails are dialed in. Beginner, intermediate and expert options intertwined so that that the ride options are endless. I rode 4 trails while up there for christmas and every one was a blast. The best though was the Poplar Tent Trail (also called Beach Spring). See the animoto slideshow I put together for some pics. The whole trail system was built by hand, by locals, over years and years. It's very similar in feel to Tom Brown in a way. Except Tom Brown is to Poplar Tent what Bruce Banner is to the Hulk. This is the best trail I have ridden since the Monarch Crest and Fruita. No joke.

The Tarheel Trailblazers are the local MTB club and maintain all the trials (around 20) in the area. They do a great job as far as I can tell. I hope FOTL can reach the the level of these guys. I really like the new website Mike set up. It's nice to have an old school guy involved with it and he obviously put a lot of work and thought into it. A little bird told me there was some drama at the meeting about websites and who would design and host it etc... My vote is for Mike. He's been around and will always be around and really cares. The problem I've seen with most club websites is you get a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning, but it soon fades and the site suffers. That wouldn't happen with Mike. And the site is already up.

I'm in DC for 4 days then it's off to Cairo!

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