Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Flight to London went smoothly. After 5 days in DC I'm definitely feeling ready to get on my bike. DC was a blast, but too much drinking, eating out, and laying around have left me feeling fat and lazy. I imagine in a few weeks I'll be wishing for some chili fries from Ben's Chili Bowl (Juanch0 - put that on your list) but right now I'm ready for a more austere lifestyle.

No surprise charges at the airport, bike and backpack went on without a hitch, Britsh Airways were true to their word. My bike almost didn't make the train to DC due to a misunderstanding between me (a first time train taker in the US) and the Amtrack employee who just happened to be on his first day at work. That made me a little paranoid but for no good reason of course. I expect to see the poprad on the tarmac in Cairo in about 8 hrs.

Checked my news reader just now, seems like there is more talk of the ICC issuing an arrest warrant for President Bashir (sudan). I really hope we don't have to skip the Sudan. My arabic leassons have been going well (In Sha Allah) and would like to get to spaek it as much as I can. I'll do lesson 5 before getting on the flight to cairo. Neat language. Not as hard as I expected, but still hard.

No nervousness yet, just ready to get started and get all the preliminary BS out of the way so we can get on the road. No pictures yet (although I did get a good shot of a bike cop riding his bike in the Heathrow Airpot - I'll post that later)


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