Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I got my Sudanese Visa this week. Only took 3 weeks to get, which is a relief. It's very disconcerting to mail your passport along with $150 to the embassy of a country that, let's face it, has not overly impressed anyone with their ability to govern. But everything went smooth. Just goes to show you.

Now all I need is my Ethiopian Visa. I can't apply for it until after Thanksgiving because the visa is only good for 3 months and I won't be entering Ethiopia until February 3rd and leaving on Feb 24th. If I apply now it will expire before I get out of the country.

After that there is really nothing left to do except finish a 5 week bath remodel in 3 weeks, fix my roof, stop my basement from flooding, finish remodeling my own bath, finish remodeling my office, paint my kitchen, kitchen cabinets and living room, rent my house, schedule online bill payments so everything gets paid while I'm gone, put a new drive train on the poprad, say good bye to friends, pack up all my belongings for storage, pack for the trip, drive my truck and trailer to Charlotte (brother's house), celebrate xmas, drive ot DC to celebrate New Years, and Fly to Cairo. Oh, and before all that, I need to get my biz takes done.

No problem.

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