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A 20 Room Hospital for 250,000 People

Arrow Web Hospital Helps 76,000 People a Year

The Arrow Web Team

Arrow Web Hospital has been a partner of the Tour d'Afrique Foundation since 2009. Founded in 2005 by four friends with money out of their own pockets the two room clinic has grown to a 20 room hospital in just 5 short years. Today their are still the only affordable health care provider in Africa's second largest slum.

A bit of History
In 2005 when Arrow Web first opened its small two room clinic they were the only provider of affordable care in Kibera, a 2.5 square km slum in Nairobi that is home to more than 250,000 people.

In 2005 Arrow Web treated 3990 patients.  By 2010 they had moved to a 20 room hospital and treated  76,643 patients!  They added a dental clinic, eye care clinic and pharmacy to their services.   

They also began to realize that no one hospital was big enough to assist all the patients in the catchment area.  They needed an outreach program that could provide basic health care services by visiting people in their homes.  

How We Got Involved:
In 2009 Rebecca Cherono, managing director of the Great Rift Valley Development Association, recommended we donate bicycles to Arrow Web to help support their newly created outreach program.  In 2009 we donated 15 bicycles to Arrow Web.  It was also the first time I would meet Bram Simiyu, co founder and project coordinator at Arrow Web, a man who continues to impress me with his dedication to this day.  Bram a a few friends started Arrow Web, with money from their own pockets, in 2005 and have grown it to a full service hospital in just a few short years.

In 2009 Arrow Web’s outreach workers assisted 9561 people though the delivery of medicine, health education and basic health services to the people in Kibera.  In 2010 we donated 15 more bicycles to to the program and Arrow Web’s outreach volunteers increased their reach to assist 24,745 patients in their catchment area!  

Though all of the credit for the programs success goes to Bram and his team at Arrow Web,  we are very proud to be a part of their success.  

How You Can Help:
By raising funds for the Tour d’Afrique Foundation you are helping us support the efforts of organizations like Arrow Web.  But of course the hospital needs more than just bikes.  If you’d like to contribute to Arrow Web Hospital directly to support the activities of the hospital you can do so by visiting the website listed below.  


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