Friday, July 17, 2009

Good and Bad

My new wheel seems to work great.  Rode it for 5 days on Rough roads and no trouble

Rode out to Wonder Gorge, very nice.  Hiked down into the Gorge, even nicer (although tough)

Discovered the Mulungushi Boat Club, which was paradise after 4 hard days of riding on dusty corrugated roads

Bought some of the best biltong I've ever had at Fringilla. 

Got back to Lusaka and went out drinking and dancing with friends


Woke up after drinking and dancing with a terrible hangover that turned out to be Malaria combined with a throat infection. 

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BIGWORM said...

That sucks!! I hope the treatment is available, and not all that terrible. It's good to hear you're still kicking around out there. I still look forward to your adventures, Paul, so keep them coming. I wish it wasn't so tough to get pics to upload. I'd love more of the visuals.