Friday, January 16, 2009

Temple Karnak

Just came from the sound and light show at the Temple Karnak. I went for the cheez factor, but it was actually quite amazing. The temple is nearly as big as the FSU Campus. My feet have a couple blisters, I never thought I'd be doing so much walking, so the the hike thru Karnak was a bit painful but worth it. Really drives home the history of Egypt and the incredible culture that has existed here for 3000 years. The Pillars of the temple are huge. Bigger than the pillars on the Lincoln Memorial and all had hewn thousands of years ago. All the walls, pillars, obelisks etc... are covered with heiroglyphs. Made me feel a bit stupid standing there looking at this incredible Architecture and realizing how little I know.

Got back to the hotel in time to see the end of the belly dance show and have a Stella before heading to the internet cafe. Luxor has been a blur of markets and restaurants and temples. I finally learned how to say "go away kid" in arabic (emshi habibi). Very usefull when in the touristy areas. Today is friday and a day of prayer so there was no bartering in the Egyptian market. Took me a coupel of purchases to figure out 1) why the prices seemed so reasonalble and 2) why the vendors got so upset when I tried to haggle. I guess they don't barter like that on a day of prayer. I was a bit lost in the market and running late to meet some friends, my feet hurt so I convinced a guy on a donkey cart to give me a lift back to camp. We certainly caught a lot of peoples attention! I wish I had a video camera of that ride thru the rough and narrow streets filled with fabric and produce and spices.

Off to Idfu tomorrow, only 117 KM, should be easy. Inshallah!


Nate Cavalieri said...

Emshi habibi!

Mingo said...

Keep the pictures coming. City names are good too. It helps me show the kids where you are. The history there is a good story. To think we see hundred of even two hundred year old buildings and think it a big deal. I liked the journal excerpts.