Tuesday, January 13, 2009

quick post

Just hit the town of Safalga, Egypt. Right on the Red Sea it's a pretty little town. The tour rented 3 hotel rooms so we could all shower and charge camera's etc.... We're camped on the beach and having a braii tonight - veal steaks!

Since leaving Cairo we have basicall been riding along the red sea. Day one had some brutal headwinds but since then it has been stiff tailwinds the whole way. Yesterday my average speed was 31 mph, by myself, over 50 miles! Now that's a tailwind.

The work part of the tour isn't bad a ta all. Plenty of free time. I can ride almost every day. We singned up an addtional 15 racers in Cairo and everyone seems to be getting along. I've got some cool pics and some great quotes (the other day at breakfast I asked a couple of the riders how they were feeling, they said "great" and I said "well, it's probably the best your gonna feel all day, so enjoy it!")

I'll post some pics and write more when we have a whole day off in Luxor (in two days - inshallah) Inshallah means "if god wills" and is a very popular saying here. If you ask how long it something will take and they say "2 hrs, inshallah", you can expect it to take between 8 hrs and 4 days.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

We are all jealous and dying for pics. Have fun Inshalla!

maitland said...

damn son, 31mph for fifty miles by yourself??

trifry said...

the boys in tally could've used that tailwind when they were trying to break 4 hours! Keep cool and enjoy! Awesome pics.