Friday, December 12, 2008

Morning Rhumba

If you've never been to Southern Africa you've missed out on one of the great musical fusions of all time - African Rhumba. This video, posted by ZamBikes celebrates the music and the great utility of the bicycle in Africa. I'm really starting to like this organization. Africans building bikes for Africans - awesome.


keef said...

Nice jams...
I got into Mali hiphop like Tata Pound after a student sent me a tape from his stint in the Peace Corp.

Looking at
The NaKeD InDiaN ChrOniCleS
I hope you can upload similar kinds of updates or videologs along your trip, and keep us peeps envious.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Young Man, I envy you.
I am old but I remember the days I wandered.
My eyes drank in the strange and far places.
I am full, but I miss the taste.
Forgive us for not wanting to see you go.
We are selfish to keep the good ones here with us.
We are happy for your journey and sad our travling is over, but please take the cup and fill it up....Young Man.