Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have a dream

February is a great time to see over 800 species of birds in Ethiopia, 21 of them can be seen no where else in the world. One of them The Nechisar Nightjar has never been seen alive. Ever.

We had plenty of nightjars in Zambia, they were black and white and grew really long primary feather when they were mating. Very pretty but unfortunately for them they liked to sit in the middle of bush roads at twilight and play chicken with landcruisers.

On Feb 20th we have a rest day at Arba Minch, Ethiopia. Arba Minch is located very near the Nechisar National Park. Coincidence or Destiny?


Mingo said...

Do they allow hunting? Could you mail a feather my way?

Paul McManus said...

Everything is allowed in Africa, as long as no one knows about it!

If I find a feather, it's yours.